Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Working Out with Our New Toys

Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt Anne!

At the Beach with Friends and Family

Jed, Maci and Ben

Uncle Rohan and Auntie Kaela

More is More

Way back when we attended an 'Expecting Multiples' class with Alex and Dan. We learned then that they were expecting triplet boys! The short story is that Alex gave birth to 3 beautiful boys just one day after George and Ollie's arrival. Following that, we all spent some quality time together in the NICU and Continuing Care Nursery at Maine Medical Ctr. The best part is that we now have 5 chubby, healthy and happy sons between us. We were thrilled to have a baby reunion this past weekend.

From left to right: Levi, George, Pablo, Ollie and Satchel

Levi, George and Pablo

Our First 'Solid' Food - And We're Not Impressed....

'K' Holding Tight to Georgie

Our Last Night Together in One Crib....

Big Boys Standing Up!

Patti Successfully Babysits Singlehandedly!

Our First Overnight Trip! (To Big Poppy and K's House)

Big Poppy and Georgie on the Porch Swing

Ben, Ollie, Chicken House and Chainsaw

Kathleen and Georgie - Waking Up

Big Poppy and Ollie play with Cheech

Waking Up With Our Favorite New Toys

Thank you Patti and Grace!