Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Wrestling

When I left the room they were laying side by side....When I came back, this is what I found! George was actually pulling Ollie's foot towards his mouth (to suck on it). The end result....a very cute baby pretzel.

New Afternoon Routine

Georgie just cut his first tooth. What used to be peaceful, afternoon walks have now become hour-long wailing sessions. George can't help it; his gums hurt. And Ollie can't help being an empathetic brother. So, in light of these changes we now take a short walk to a grassy spot by the sea, play in the shade, and then head home.

Daddy's Idea

Shuggie Cat and Ollie take a Break From Their Hectic Schedule

Snoozing in the Stroller

Little Ozy Visits from Tennessee

Our friends Zondie, Otis and Little Ozy were able to visit for a couple nights. It was wonderful to finally meet Ozy....She taught the boys a few tricks while she was in town and they were definitely impressed!

Ben C. Meets Georgie and Ollie

And helps build our new deck....thank you!

Happy Birthday Grandmom!

The birthday girl

Ollie and Uncle Omar

Ollie and Georgie with Auntie Laila

Up to Something....