Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This balmy weather (just above freezing) has the boys feeling adventurous. Yesterday we ventured out (via stroller) to buy mom a cookie at Scratch Bakery. Today we slid our way down the hill to the Public Library and found the sidewalk ice skating was worth the effort. We were delighted to discover that the double 'snap n go' just barely fits in the library's elevator. Equally exciting were the librarians who shamelessly flirted with the boys. Our routine continues to evolve. Ben goes to work early. Due to our up and down night routine, the rest of us sleep in. We continue to fine tune the eating routine and are just starting to establish synchronized napping. It's always good when Ben returns at the end of the day! Life is full and busy and we continue to be thankful for our good health and happiness. Hope you are well too!

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