Thursday, March 12, 2009

16 Weeks Old....Almost

This Saturday the boys will be 16 weeks old. None of us are sure where the last 4 months have's been a blur of feedings, diaper changings, sleeplessness and joy. We are happy to report the boys have somewhat of a schedule these days. They wake up early but are quickly ready for their morning nap. After that, if the weather allows, we head out for a walk down to Willard Beach ...with a pit stop at Scratch Bakery for mom. The afternoon nap is not such a dependable thing but we do our best. Evening is still the fussiest time and we are all worn out by bedtime (around 7:30). Lately, Ollie and George have been merciful and wake up only once in the night. They are very good boys and head right back to sleep after a big meal and quick diaper change. Ollie continues his love affair with our ceiling fans (who we now call Fanny). George still prefers his musical mobile..and expresses his love through swift kicks and loud coos. We'll see the pediatrician in a couple weeks and are looking forward to seeing how much they weigh. We'll keep you posted!

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